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Benchmade is the industry leader in knives for both professional chefs and home cooks. The company was founded in Oregon in 1979 by David Klamen who continues to serve as President, CEO, and an employee of Benchmade Kitchen Knives.

The company’s kitchen knives are designed most popular Benchmade pocket knife for use by professional chefs who work in high-volume restaurants, or by anyone who enjoys cooking at home. Kitchen knives are available in a variety of sizes depending on the task at hand.

In 1976, marine engineer Les de Asis began experimenting with knife design to carve a pocket knife from wood. His experiments resulted in the creation of a new type of folding knife, and in 1979 he founded the Benchmade Knife Company to produce this new style. In 1980, his first factory was built in Golden, Colorado.

Benchmade kitchen knives are made from Japanese steel and have been the choice of professional chefs for a very long time.

These knives are used in kitchen settings for various types of cutting and slicing, including the tasks of preparing fresh produce, meat, bread, and other types of foods.

The blades on Benchmade Kitchen knives are made from quality steel that is usually high-carbon stainless steel with a corrosion-resistant powder coat finish. This provides durability and functionality for demanding tasks like chopping vegetables or filleting fish.

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Benchmade – skeletonized fixed blade

skeletonized fixed blade

Benchmade – Adamas 375

Product Detals

A skeletonized fixed blade with a paracord handle wrap, a molded jump-rated sheath, and a Tek-Lok attachment mechanism completes the package.

A part of the proceeds from the sale of these knives will be donated to Three Rangers and the Navy SEAL Foundation, both of which help members and families of special operations forces and their communities.

The Adama’s fixed blades are intended for tactical use and are MOLLE compatible.

They have a lanyard hole and come with an injection-molded plastic sheath with tension screw, removable locking strap, and the eight-position Tek-Lok attachment system, among other features.

Knife with sheath
Sheath Weight: 1.11oz. (31.47g)
Weight: 5.60oz. (158.76g)
Overall Length: 9.03″ (22.94cm)
Handle Thickness: 0.17″ (4.32mm)
Blade Thickness: 0.170″ (4.32mm)
Blade Length4.20″ (10.67cm)
Blade SteelD2 (60-62 HRC)

How to wrap Benchmade 375 Handle with para cord

Watch video

Pros and cons


  • Comes with a paracord to wrap the handle.
  • Sharp


  • High price.
  • The handle is really annoying.
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Benchmade – Mini Barrage 585 Knife

Benchmade Drop-Point Blade

Mini Barrage 585 Knife

The blade is made of 154 CM stainless steel, which is strong, rustproof, and retains its edge effectively. The Valox handle is sturdy and reliable, making it excellent for daily usage.

The AXIS Assist is featured for the first time in the Barrage family. The Mini Barrage 585 can be swiftly and single-handedly opened and closed. It’s ambidextrous as well.

The smaller, lighter shape of the 585, as well as its rapid opening, make it comfortable to carry and operate. The reversible pocket clip allows for easy access.

The drop-point, utility blade shape, and all-around practicality of the Mini Barrage 585 make it excellent for everyday carry and outdoor sports.


ActionAssisted opening
Blade Steel154CM (58-61 HRC)
Closed Length4.00″ (10.16cm)
Included ComponentsBenchmade Original Mini Barrage Serrated Drop Point Folding Knife Manual Opening
Blade Length2.91″ (7.39cm)
Handle Thickness0.57″ (14.48mm)
Blade Thickness0.100″ (2.54mm)
ColorSerrated Edge/Satin Finish
Weight3.40oz. (109.71g)
Open Length6.91″ (17.55cm)


  • Sharp and quality made.


  • A little heavy and thick for EDC.
  • The handle is a little slippery
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Benchmade – 980SBK Turret Knife

Benchmade – Turret Knife

Benchmade - 980SBK Turret Knife

Ensures safety, as well as a smooth opening and closing process; Tip-up deep-carry pocket clip with reversible design for maximum accessibility

Because of its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance. Blades with a drop-point point are extremely versatile and user-friendly. Available in two different finishes: satin and coated.

Designed with one of the strongest locks in Benchmark history, the Turret Knife is a long-lasting folder that will provide years of dependable service.

A heavy-duty full-hand knife that is suitable for tough scenarios where a firm grip is required; add it to your everyday carry collection, backpack, or survival kit, among other things.

This Benchmark Knife is constructed of robust composite fiberglass soaked in resin; it is very resistant to heat and can withstand a variety of hard environmental conditions. The material is extremely robust and resistant to dampness.


Handle MaterialFiberglass
ColorSerrated Edge/Coated Finish
BladeAlloy Steel
Power SourceManual
Item Dimensions 6 x 2.75 x 1.75 inches
Item Weight5.8 Ounces
Blade ShapeDrop Point
Blade EdgeSerrated Edge

Knife Size

  • Blade length: 3.70” (9.40cm)
  • Blade thickness: 0.124” (3.150mm)
  • Open: 8.60” (21.84cm)
  • Closed: 4.90” (12.45cm)
  • Weight: 5.81oz (164.71g)
  • Handle thickness: 0.67” (17.02mm)


  • Well made and sharp.
  • Good grip and sturdy


  • No major issues till now.

FAQ Section

Where are Benchmade knives made?

Benchmade manufactures knives in Oregon, USA. The company has made a name for itself by producing high-quality blades and tools for both professional chefs and home cooks. Benchmade was founded in 1988 by Les de Asis and Rob Price and quickly became a major player in the knife market.

what angle are Benchmade knives sharpened at?

Benchmade knives are sharpened at an angle of 20 degrees on each side. The edge of the blade has a 15-degree bevel. Unlike other companies which use a 13-degree bevel, Benchmade increases the bevel to make it sharper and easier to sharpen. The company takes pride in maintaining its high quality and astonishing craftsmanship and chooses this specific angle because they believe it produces the best cutting surface for their products.