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This article will discuss how to sharpen a serrated bread knife through video and some words. If you have ceramic knives at your home, You will also get articles on how to sharpen ceramic knives at home in this blog.

As with all knives, it is essential to sharpen them regularly, or they stop cutting well. A sharpened knife can cut through anything effortlessly, whereas a dull knife can take several minutes; a sharp blade takes a second to complete a task.

How to sharpen a bread knife

Many commercial knife sharpeners on the market will sharpen a bread knife, but not all of them will do so successfully.

There are two primary ways to sharpen a serrated knife by hand with a file or by using an electric machine.

The sharpness of a serrated knife can be easily measured by using a whetstone. A whetstone is a stone with a rough side, and a smooth side used to sharpen knives.

The sharpness of the knife is determined by feeling for any bumps on the whetstone. The best way to sharpen a serrated knife, according to experts, is to use diamond steel.

These sharpeners are designed to get into the teeth of the blade and buff out any edges that are too high. This will produce an even edge on both sides of the knife.

Watch video for better Understanding


While cutting any vegetables, beginners must use cut resistance gloves or finger guards for their safety.

Simple ways to sharpen a serrated knife.

Step summary

It cannot be easy to sharpen a serrated knife at home, but there are some simple ways to do it. One way is to use a file and other abrasive tools such as sandpaper.

Make sure to hone the blade often and take time when sharpening so that you don’t get any burrs or damage to the edge.

You will get confused explaining in words, so you can watch the video below, which will help you a lot.

Can you sharpen a serrated knife with a regular knife sharpener

regular knife sharpener
Regular knife sharpener

Many people like to use a regular knife sharpener for their serrated knives, and it may work sometimes, but other times it won’t. It all depends on the type of serrations on your knife.

There are two types of serrations: straight edge teeth and jagged teeth. Straight-edge teeth are generally sharper than uneven ones, which brings up another problem when sharpening the blade with a regular knife sharpener.

How to sharpen a bread knife with a whetstone

how to sharpen a knife with whetstone
how to sharpen a knife with a whetstone

It might seem simple enough to sharpen a bread knife with a whetstone, but there are two ways to do it.
One is to use the traditional method of grinding the blade across the stone, which will give you an asymmetrical edge.

The other way is to hold the blade at about a 20-degree angle, sliding it back and forth along the stone until you have either blunted or ground the edge to an appropriate sharpness.

Luckily, with some effort – you can sharpen them with a whetstone!

First, lay the knife blade flat on the whetstone. Then use a circular motion to grind the knife edge against the stone until it is sharp again.

Watch a video on how to sharpen a knife with a whetstone.

What is a serrated knife used for?

Serrated knives are typically used to cut soft or hard products such as cakes, bread, and meats. They can also be used as a saw for cutting things such as plastic lids off of containers.

A serrated knife is a type of blade with a jagged edge. It can be used for cutting through hard surfaces such as crusty bread and cooked meats.

There are both diamond-edge and hooked edge blades that have been designed for the user’s convenience. A serrated knife will typically have a wider handle to accommodate the grip needed to use it.

How to sharpen a serrated knife with cardboard

How to sharpen a serrated bread knife without a tool?

A serrated knife is a cutting tool with scalloped edges and a wavy blade. This type of cutting tool doesn’t require sharpening like its straight-edged counterpart, but when it starts to lose its edge, you can sharpen it without the use of any tools.

There are many ways to sharpen a serrated knife without the use of a tool. However, one of the most preferred methods is by using another sharp blade against it. This is often referred to as “jumping the teeth.

In order to do so, one simply needs to run steel or sharpening stone across the blade in a back and forth motion from one side of the serration to the other. Rather than using steel, one can use a foldable ruler as well.

How to sharpen a knife with a mug

How to sharpen a knife with a mug

There is another way to sharpen a serrated knife without a tool a ceramic coffee mug.

You can sharpen your knives by rubbing the knife edge on the back of the mug shown in the video given below.

What to Look for in Quality of Serrated Knives


  1. The serrated blade is something you’ll want to pay close attention to.
  2. Are they made of stainless steel?
  3. What is the form of the teeth?
  4. Is the edge of the sharp knife comfortable in your grip?
  5. What kind of grip can you get with it?

If you want to cut bread without breaking it apart or having to keep re-sharpening your knife, you’ll need a blade with a somewhat narrow-angle.

To keep your food in its original shape, the smaller the surface area of the knife you are using, the better. Using this method, the tomato knife does not entirely ruin the fruit.

You’ll need a knife that’s sturdy and long-lasting, with teeth that aren’t overly sharp. Using a knife with an overly sharp point can sever the crust of the bread you eat every morning. Serrated blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

To Make the Most of Your Kitchen Knife, Here’s How to Sharpen It.

Any knife used regularly will become dull. A dull kitchen knife is a safety threat and a nuisance.

A dull knife requires more pressure than necessary to cut through food. More pressure means more chance of losing control and harming yourself if you slide.

A sharp kitchen knife allows you to cut vegetables or meat with ease and control.

Edge Honing

Steel also becomes flexible when thinned, like aluminum foil. So you may grind this foil edge. When you try to cut with it, the foil bends and becomes dull because it prevents the cutting edge from working.

Honing is the solution. Honing is just flexing the foil edge until it breaks off, revealing the true cutting edge. There are various ways. Traditionally, a leather strap with the polishing compound in it is used. In order to cut the foil, the knife is stroked across the cutting edge until it breaks.

Steel or ceramic stick can also be used to hon a knife. These are dragged at an angle along the edge. The strong ceramic and steel file will easily remove the foil edge. Perfect for a quick edge sharpening.

Steels with very hard and super fine grit work best for this.

How to Sharpen

Using a damp stone to sharpen your kitchen knife is ideal. A flat grind stone made of natural or carborundum. Sometimes one side has coarse grit and the other fine grit.

Water or oil, if an oil stone, is used to lubricate the stone to keep the grindings from clogging the pores and losing the cutting action.

Moving the knife blade across the stone at the same angle as the initial edge cuts or chisels tiny fragments of steel. The finer the wet stone, the smaller the particles and the finer the edge.

The issue is that starting with a fine stone and a dull knife takes a long time to sharpen. Using both coarse and fine stones to sharpen a kitchen knife is the fastest technique.

Abrasive stones are generally cut in a circular or figure-eight pattern. Water is added as needed. Equalize both sides. Make a few passes on one side, then switch.

Once the rough edge is produced, turn to the fine stone and repeat. This is quick. With a good wet stone, you can sharpen a dull knife to like new in minutes.

FAQ Section

How to sharpen a serrated knife at home?

The user will need the following items: a whetstone, an oil-infused cloth, and a cutting board. The user should then rub the stone on the side of the blade with the handle facing down.

What is a serrated knife used for?

A serrated knife is a type of kitchen knife that has a wavy or zigzag blade. The blade is designed to help the user cut through food more easily. The waves or zigzags on the blade create small air pockets between the blade and the food, which helps the food to release from the knife more easily. Serrated knives are ideal for slicing bread.


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