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Global knife review


It is a Japanese firm that makes Global Knives. Wusthof has been around for more than 200 years to put that into perspective.

Global Knives has several exciting design elements despite the lack of Wusthof’s history. The use of proprietary blade material is a feature of global knives.

The handle is also very light. Wusthof stainless steel is another unique feature of a Global knife set.

When comparing Wusthof vs. Global, the design contrasts are clearly visible.” Knives made by Wusthof have thick blades and a variety of handles, including synthetic and wood.

For those who want a more contemporary aesthetic, global knives have a more integrated design, with the blade and handle appearing to be one unit.

Wusthof knives have beveled edges, whereas Global knives have straight edges. Wusthof knives are more expensive, but Global Knives are more affordable.

Why You Should Have the Best Global Knives in Your Cooking Space?

Making a good first impression in the world of cooking begins with having the proper utensils. It’s just that you can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a high-quality knife set if you’re just starting out because there are numerous skills to learn that could wind up destroying your blades.

That means you need a knife brand that can meet all your needs while remaining affordable. They are practical, sharp, comfortable, and affordable, which any beginner or professional would appreciate.

Global knives are incredibly sharp straight out of the box, so they will not only help you sharpen your cutting skills but also keep you safe.

The textured handles are pleasant, balanced, and well-weighted. In other words, you won’t get tired of using the knives for a long time.

Finally, global knives are constructed of Cromova steel, which, while not as strong as VG10 stainless steel, is less prone to break if dropped.

Basically, Global knives are a need rather than a luxury, especially for rookie chefs.


GLOBAL knives have a substantially tougher alloy of steel and a thinner blade than standard European knives like J. A. Henckels or Wüsthof. Sharper knives can be made by grinding the cutting edge of the blades at a 15° angle, which generates a longer-lasting and more precise knife.

Sharpening a dull blade, on the other hand, takes a longer time to get the same level of edge.

This is a downside of this design. Manufacturer recommends using ceramic sharpening stones and sharpening rods instead of European steel.

Black dimples can be found on the handle and knife block of GLOBAL knives. For cosmetic reasons, the handle has black dimples, but they are also designed to help the user obtain a better hold on the knife.

A tomato knife and a crab/lobster knife were later added to the company’s line of specialist knife designs. Eating utensils are also produced by this company.

Chefs such as Anthony Bourdain, Ludo Lefebvre, and Michel Roux Jr. use GLOBAL knives.

Global Knife Categories

There are just three cutlery collections available from Global: Classic, Global Ni Knives, and UKON.

Let’s take a closer look at what distinguishes each set.

Global Classic Knife

Global Classic Knife
Global Classic Knife

Komin Yamada, a Japanese artist, and creative thinker, invented Global knives in 1985. For this project, he was asked to design and manufacture a set of knives utilizing the best materials and the most advanced manufacturing techniques, and to come up with a design that was completely new.

As a result, the Global Classic knife was created. Amateur and professional chefs alike adore these knives because they strike the perfect balance between comfort and performance while maintaining an unmatched level of sharpness.

From a simple peeling knife to a 27cm Cooks Tool, the wide collection includes every type of knife you may possibly need.

It was one of Yamada’s most inventive designs that were how he balanced the blade. To counterbalance the weight of the blade, he used sand in a hollow handle instead of standard bolsters and tangs, which he filled with sand.

In addition to appearing attractive, the resultant seamless construction and smooth curves have numerous other advantages.

A hygienic and safe knife can be used because there are no places where dirt and food might be trapped.

The blade, and more specifically, its edge, is another critical component of a knife. If you’re looking for a Western-style blade with a more acute angle and without the beveled edge seen on most European blades, go no further than Global.

For a sharper blade that will hold its edge for a longer time, choose diamond-coated steel. In addition to the angle of the blade, the material it is produced from also has a significant impact on its sharpness retention.

The CROMOVA 18 high-carbon stainless steel used solely for Global knives is hand-forged by Yoshikin in Japan.

Ice-tempered and hardened to protect it from corrosion, the steel has enough elasticity and hardness to allow for a blade with an acute angle while being supple enough to allow for easy sharpening.

Three components make up CROMOVA. Chromium’s chemical symbol is CRO, and the steel’s chromium content is 18 percent. Stain resistance is good because of this high proportion. This abbreviation refers to the molybdenum

Global Ni Knives

 Global Ni Knives
Global Ni Knives

Ni knives were introduced in 2015 by Global.  For the professional cook, this new line has a higher standard of quality and performance.

The angular, oriental reshaping of the blade of the knife provides a more precise and accurate cut. As a result, the blades have been made significantly thicker, making them heavier and hence more enjoyable to use.

The ‘chestnut’ handle on the other end of the knife is longer and more ergonomically constructed for a professional pinch-grip.

The reduction of dots to a narrow strip and keeping them natural enhances the sleek look of the knife’s design.

The CROMOVA stainless steel used in the construction of a Ni knife allows it to preserve the lightweight feel associated with Global, even if it is heavier than a Global Classic knife.

The hollow handle of the Global Ni range, like that of the Global Classic line, is perfectly balanced thanks to the precise amount of sand.

Global ukon knife set

global ukon knife
Global ukon knife

CATRA testing has proven that UKON. Knives are 10% sharper than competitors’ industry-recognized testing standards.

A thumb rest, three rows of black dimples, a textured, smooth ergonomic grip, and a thicker blade are also included in these knives.

The Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Global Knife Review
Global G-2 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Chef’s knives are always in high demand, and the Global G-2 8-inch chef’s knife is currently the best-selling item in Japan, for its distinctive appearance and features.

Although the Global G-2 has a metal handle, it stays light and well-balanced despite its sturdy construction. A rough texture on the handle helps the user to hold on hard, while at the same time, it is ergonomically designed for comfort.

The Global G-2 is an excellent chef’s knife if you are searching for a lightweight, comfortable, and highly sharp alternative.


• The Global G-2 features a sleek and eye-catching design with a lightweight metal handle with a great grip pattern and an ergonomically friendly design.

• This knife has a great balance between the blade and handles, making it a pleasure to hold.

When it comes to cutting, the Global G-2 straight edge is unsurpassed in sharpness, and it also holds its edge exceptionally well.

• In addition to free shipping and handling, the Global G-2 comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty covering any and all issues.

Pros and cons of going global knife


  • Excellent ability to keep the blade’s edge sharp.
  • Brands that are a hit
  • Ideal for meat, fruit, and veg
  • It is easy to use for lengthy periods of time.
  • Suitable for left and right-handed users
  • Looks very nice


  • some people complained about low durability.
  • Too expensive
  • Knife rusted in a few months

Are global brand knives good?

Choosing the correct tools for the job is one of the most crucial steps you can take at the beginning of your culinary career.

While it’s not ideal for shelling out a lot of money on a high-end knife set right out of the gate, Global Knives stand out for their exceptional quality and affordability. A superb knife does not have to cost a fortune, as Global Knives has demonstrated repeatedly.

A Global kitchen knife is reasonably priced. Knife sets in the mid-price category are not the most expensive. Some people ask if it’s a good investment. Consider the product’s quality and what it includes while making a decision.

Global Knives’ razor-sharp and razor-thin blades allow for precise cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing, and more. They also have remarkable edge retention.

These are knives that are light and well-balanced, so you’ll never feel tired from using them. Stainless steel made by Cromova is among the best on the market. It will not break, chip, or shatter.

The steel blade of a Global knife gives it a distinct edge. The use of the knife is made more accessible because of its sharpness. For home cooks, a good knife is essential.

Because of its razor-sharp blade, this Japanese knife will save you time and tension when making food. Additionally, the design and the material are both distinctive.

Global Knives are a wonderful option if you want stainless steel’s clean, and modern appearance. My favorite thing about Global Knives is that they’re really durable.

Several of the sets examined come with a knife block. As a bonus, the knives may be stored more securely and safely using this feature. Invest in Global Knives if you want a long-lasting knife or knife set.

Global Chef’s Knife Buyers Guide

Before you buy a chef’s knife from Global Knives, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

The Blade’s Metal

Cromova steel is a popular choice for this brand, as proven by today’s reviews. This type of steel allows for blades to be skinny yet highly robust, resulting in a razor-sharp edge that retains its sharpness very well. Even if it isn’t Cromova, you still want a long-lasting knife, so choose high-quality steel like High Carbon.

Global knives, despite their superb performance and craftsmanship, are reasonably priced, making them a good option for novice chefs and those on a tight budget.

Glacial knives have metal handles that are contoured for comfort and dimpled for a secure grip, making them ideal for culinary use despite their unusual surface roughness.

 Stability and Weight

For ease of use and cutting precision, you should look for a knife with an outstanding balance between the blade and handle so that when you hold it in your hand, the blade and handle are in perfect harmony.

The Handle

Global knife handle

Look for a chef’s knife with a comfortable handle and a decent pattern on the handle so that you can easily grip the knife.

1. Length

It’s essential to keep an eye on the length of the blade of the knife you’re considering. A blade between seven and nine inches is ideal for getting a single knife that can handle meat, vegetables, and other food items. Having an edge that is too long or too short makes it impossible to manage large projects.

1. Tang

full tang knife
full tang knife

If you’re looking for a chef’s knife, seek one with a full tang. There should be no gap between the blade’s tang and the handle. The best level of durability is provided by a complete tang design.

Q and A

How Dishwasher Safe Are Global Knives?

The sharp edges of Global knives can be damaged if they are put in a dishwasher. Cromova 18 and other stainless steel with high carbon content can be damaged by dishwashers.
Hand washing the knives in warm, soapy water is the proper method. After cleaning the blade, gently dry it with a towel and warm water.

Is there a way to wash them?

There is no way to wash these knives in the dishwasher. With their high temperatures and powerful detergents, Dishwashers have the potential to destroy these blades.

How often should these knives be sharpened?

Every time you use the knife, you should light honing. Sharpening the blade more frequently is unnecessary if you follow this method.

For Global knives, how do you keep them clean?

If you notice rust on your knife, a plastic scouring pad and some baking soda paste should remove it. On red lines, stay away from metal scrubbers and aggressive cleaning agents.

What is the best way to prevent rust on these knives?

Wash and dry your knife as soon as you’re done. Abrasive or chemical solid cleaners should never be used. Do not let these knives sit in water for any length of time.

How do you sharpen them at an angle?

A 10 to 15-degree angle is recommended for sharpening these knives. Retaining a razor-sharp edge is the goal.

Where Global Knives are made?

Yoshikin’s plant in Niigata, Japan, is where Global Cutlery makes its knives. Sword and knife producers are found in this area, with a long history of producing high-quality products.

How do Global Knives come to be?

They are forged and the Global knives look to be a single piece of stainless steel, but they have actually stamped components assembled in the factory to create the knives. The significant elements are stamped out. However, the final assembly is done by hand in this instance.

Are global knives double bevel or single bevel?

Like their Western equivalents, global knives have a double bevel, unlike many other Japanese blades. Instead of having a bevelled edge, they’re sharpened to a straighter edge, making them appear more Japanese in appearance.

How Do You Store Global Knives?

To ensure that your Global Cutlery lasts as long as possible, you must store it properly. You can increase the life of your global knives by storing them in a good knife block. Because the blades won’t be moving in and out of drawers, they will remain sharper for extended periods. As an alternative method of storing your Global knives, you might use a magnetic holder. Keep them in drawers so that they are less likely to get chipped, and keep them out of the way.

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