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Knives are one of the most important tools in the kitchen, but when they go dull, their ability to do the job properly is reduced.

Below are some best ceramic knife sharpeners you may like, with many good ratings and fewer cons.

What is ceramic knife sharpener?

A ceramic knife sharpener is a handheld device that is used to sharpen ceramic knives. Ceramic knife sharpeners come in two varieties: manual and electric.

Manual ceramic knife sharpeners require you to use your hand to sharpen the knives, while electric ceramic knife sharpeners have a motor that does the sharpening for you.

Ceramic knife sharpeners usually have two grinding surfaces: a coarse surface for rough sharpening and a fine surface for honing the blade.

Some ceramic knife sharpeners also come with a built-in guide that helps keep the blade at the correct angle while sharpening.

Best ceramic knife sharpeners


Knife sharpening stones or Whetstone works better than a manual knife sharpener, but it takes a few weeks to learn skills. Read more on the ceramic knives on Wikipedia.

Mueller sharpeners

Our Ratings

Sharpening scissors, ceramic and steel knives, and blades are made easier with the Mueller 4-Stage Ultra Sharp Diamond Knife Sharpener, which has been meticulously constructed.

Knives will have an extraordinarily effective cutting edge thanks to the simplicity of this manual knife sharpener, and you will enjoy having knives that stay sharper for a longer period of time.

In order to draw the blade through with uniform pressure, the slots are designed to keep the knife steady while drawing it through.

This sharpener is also ideal for both right and left-handed users, which is another advantage.

The small shape makes it simple to store your knife sharpener, making it a convenient tool for doing routine maintenance.


  • Easy to use


  • Made in China.
  • Some products are not tested before delivering.
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Beginners should use finger guard or cut resistance gloves for safety while cutting and cooking in the kitchen or restaurant.

5-In-1 Diamond Sharpening Plate Knife

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This universal knife sharpener is capable of sharpening any blade, regardless of the type of kitchen knife set, it is part of.

In order to save you the hassle of having to store additional attachments, this device is multipurpose and does not require additional accessories.

The design draws attention to the texture of the product.

Water stone damage margins are less dangerous than increased efficiency and durability.

As a result of the blade’s ability to sharpen any type of blade (even axes), it is suitable for use with a wide range of kitchen and butcher knives as well as a wide range of other kitchen tools such as a paring knife or cleaver.

Double-sided diamond grindstones (#400/#1000) provide for both coarse and fine grinding.

New Diamond Sharpening comes with ergonomic anti-slip handles and is easy to operate for the kitchen, even for women.

For safe and comfortable use, hold the handle of the sharpener in your left hand and use your right hand to sharpen your knife.

Scissors Grinding is accomplished through the use of the lightning slot in the handle’s center.

Tungsten steel blade sharpens the left waist of the handle to restore the knife’s V-shape and the ceramic blade sharpens the right waist of the handle to polish and remove burrs from the metal blade.

The use of water or oil may improve the performance of your sharpener, but it is very likely to create corrosion.

When using the Diamond Sharpener, RAXMIN suggests that you only use it dry; always wipe it clean and keep dry after use. Store your bench stones in a dry place after you’ve cleaned them.


  • Easy to use.


  • No major issues found till now.
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Our Ratings

Any cutting tool’s edge must be honed by scraping away the rust while maintaining a constant angle with the stone.

Anyone can effectively sharpen a knife with just a few minutes of practice thanks to Spyderco’s Tri-Angle Sharpmaker.

In order to precisely set the sharpening angles of the stones at a 30° (15° on each side) or a 40° (20° on each side) for sharpening knives, the sturdy ABS plastic base contains keyed holes.

It’s easy to sharpen a knife by keeping the blade’s plane vertical and drawing the edge along with the stone.

As it stands, it’s as simple as that. Using rounded edges and a looser grip for serrated blades, the stones can be pushed into the recesses of each serration. For aggressive sharpening, the Sharpmaker system comes with medium-grit (brown) stones, and a fine-grit (white) stone set for professional finishing.

To keep your hands safe while sharpening, the self-contained ABS plastic base and lid come with a set of aluminum safety rods.

To help you get started sharpening your knives, scissors, awls, and other tools, every Sharpmaker comes with a comprehensive instruction book and DVD.

Item Dimensions LxWxH‎10 x 10 x 2 inches
Item Weight‎1 Pound
Country of Origin‎Japan
Suggested Users‎Unisex-adult
Number of Items‎1
Model Year‎2014
Sport Type‎Hunting



  • Work best for a small knife.
  • Easy to use.


  • Control quality Weak.
  • Takes too long to be sharp.
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Wanbasion Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Our Ratings

Anti-skid TPR base keeps the kitchen knife sharpener in place and prevents unintentional harm.

With an Ergonomic Handle, the Wanbasion kitchen knife sharpener is the perfect kitchen knife sharpener for right or left-handed users.

A three-stage kitchen knife sharpener that works for both right and left-handed users is available.

Sharpening the dull blade is as simple as placing it in the sharpening slot and pulling the trigger.

HINT: Only sharpen your knife in one direction with this professional kitchen knife sharpener to achieve the finest results.

Most kitchen knives may be sharpened by a professional knife sharpener, including chef’s knives, santoku knives, sushi knives, and utility knives, as well as outdoor knives, fruit knives, and a variety of steel, diamond, tungsten, and other metal knives.

It is a manual kitchen knife sharpener made of stainless steel, diamond abrasives, and high-quality ABS plastic.

It’s built to last a long time, and it’s built to last a long time. You deserve the greatest straight and serrated kitchen knife sharpeners.

In order to sharpen a chef’s knife, there are three steps:

  • The Fine Sharpening Slot is fitted with aerospace ceramics for polishing, sharpening, and lightening edges.
  • The Coarse Sharpening Slot has tungsten steel blades for sharpening worn knife edges and particularly dull knives.
  • Sharpening a dull knife with a diamond grinding wheel is made easy with a ceramic sharpening slot.

Wanbasion Sharpener PROS AND CONS


  • Good for gifts.


  • Sometimes come defective products.
  • Pressure may break ceramic knives.
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SHARPAL 119N ceramic Knife Blade Sharpener

Our Ratings

Because diamond is the hardest natural material, it can be used to sharpen all types of hard material tools that would otherwise be unsuitable for other sharpening materials, such as ceramics, hard alloys, and other hard materials such as steel.

The handle has a protective ring around it to keep your hand safe. Your grip will be more comfortable because of the ergonomic handle, and your sharpening process will be more efficient thanks to the circular sharpening bar.

Diamond particles are used as a surface coating on the surface of the object (1200 grit).

This level of precision is suitable for doing basic maintenance tasks.

When compared to other goods made of carbon steel, the grinding layer is more subtle and smooth, resulting in a tool that has a significantly longer service life.

When you have completed grinding the knife, wipe down the diamond surface with a clean cloth. You should store this product at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

SHARPAL gives a Warranty for three years and exceptional after-sale service.

Knife care

Immediately after use, thoroughly clean the diamond surface with water, and then clean the surface with a nylon scrub brush after a few times of usage.

During the sharpening process, metal particles that adhere to the diamond surface will be removed by using this method.

When storing the diamond sharpener, make sure it is completely dry.

Tested steel

D2, A2, W-2, 10-series (1095, 1084, 1070, 1060, 1050, etc.), O1, Carbon V, 50100-B (0170-6), 5160, CPM 10V

420 (420J), 440A (and similar grades including 425M, 420HC, and 6A), 440C (and similar grades including Gin-1, ATS-55, 8A), 154CM (ATS-34), VG-10, S30V, S60V (CPM T440V) / S90V (CPM T420V), 12C27, AUS-6 / AUS-8 / AUS-10 (also 6A / 8A / 10A), ATS-34, BG-42, Damascus Steel

How to use

How to use


  • Restores an edge quickly.


  • Coating starts to wear off after a few months.


Do knife sharpeners work on ceramic knives?

The answer is yes, they do. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when using a knife sharpener on ceramic knives.

Do I have to sharpen ceramic knives?

Ceramic knives are made of a sturdy, hard material that is designed to stay sharp for a long time with proper care. However, even the best blades will need to be sharpened eventually.

Why are ceramic knives so sharp?

The sharpness of a knife is determined by its blade. Ceramic knives are so sharp because their blade is made out of a harder material than most knives. This material, zirconium dioxide, is a white powder that is ground into a blade to create a super sharp edge. Ceramic knives stay sharper for longer than other knives because the material is not as prone to wear and tear.

How can you tell if a knife is ceramic?

Ceramic knives look different from metal knives. Ceramic knives are typically much lighter than metal knives because the material is porous and less dense. Ceramic blades make a high-pitched slicing noise, as opposed to the dull thud of metal blades. Finally, you can test the blade by trying to scratch it with a fingernail.

How long does a ceramic knife sharpener last?

Ceramic knife sharpeners work well for 2 years if used carefully.